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Life at a hostel

Welcome to our relaxing and informal setting. We have room for everyone.

In order for all our guests to have a pleasant stay, we have a few HOUSE RULES:

Drive with care in the area.

Observe the quiet time between 11 pm and 7 am including during arrivals and departures during this period.

Leave the common rooms in the same condition you found them, i.e., clean the kitchen, tidy up the games room, and leave the rooms ready for final cleaning, etc.

Remove all garbage and do not leave it lying around.

If you bring your dog with you, it must always be on a leash, and not disturb other guests.


  • To use sleeping bags or to sleep without beds sheets and covers. All rooms have duvet and pillows.  You are welcome to bring your own bed linen, or rent them from us.
  • To cook or bring food into the rooms
  • To smoke inside the rooms or common areas.
  • To drink to an excess in the area, or to be under the influence of alcohol.

Thanks for your understanding.